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Mar 25, 2013 4:00pm EDT
government debt. we'd have a $15 trillion balance sheet. if you want to bet on that, nathan, bet on that. i'm betting on 320 million people doing what people do as they age. they spend less money. the fed's going to only have to stimulate more and more. >> really. the american consumer is fabulous, harry. >> $2 trillion of stimulus, nathan. >> you could have a $2 trillion mortgage on your house if you can afford to pay the debt right now. you're not going to be going bankrupt any time soon. >> nathan, i want to talk to you five years from now. you are crazy. people in a bubble, they never see the bubble. they sit there and say it's fine until it bursts. >> harry, some day the star is going to super nova. if you predict it long enough, in 450 million years you're going to be right. you haven't had a prediction that hit yet. >> we've already had a crash. the government stopped it. that didn't happen in history. let the government keep doing this. they will keep it going as long as they can. >> we didn't have it. >> they will fail. they will fail. i will make that prediction. >> you'll never m
Mar 20, 2013 4:00pm EDT
what the government vertical did. clearly, we had the sequester late in the quarter. that could have had impact on numbers. it's about 10% of revenue. we'll be looking for some color there. hardware revenue has been disappointing. i think seven our the eight last quarters. that certainly weighed on total revenue. we're projecting growth to get to positive levels in q1. we'll certainly want to get an update there. and the license revenue is a bit of a miss as well. so we'll be looking for more color on the government side. >> go ahead, jon. >> something i do want to mention on epps, it's technically a 1 cent miss, avenue cents when the street was looking for 66 in non-gaap. through there is a currency impact. oracle saying that constant currency, it would have been 66 cents. but, again, many analysts have factored some currency in to their 66 cent estimate. so i'm not sure how much of that matters. >> well, i think that's a good point, jon. but i guess what ai'm focused o is revenue. >> yeah, particularly new license and hardware. >> right. >> particularly new license and hardware. i
Mar 18, 2013 4:00pm EDT
. that's a big problem. government should not insure bank deposits. it's a tremendous moral hazard. one of the main reasons the banks make reckless loans. depositors don't care what the banks do with their money because the government's there. >> that's one of the guardrails to oversee these banks. >> but we don't need it. we didn't always have it. and there are other nations that don't have any deposit insurance and their banking system is much sounder than ours. >> they're asking depositors to pay for the bailout. >> no, no, no, no. there are no bailouts in those country. the countries that don't have deposit insurance have a healthier banking system. because we have this deposit insurance, american depositors don't care how reckless their banks are. the banks don't care because the depositors don't care. it's a terrible system. eventually it's going to implode. people who have money on deposit in u.s. banks are going to take huge losses one way or another. either they're going to lose their deposits, or their deposits are going to lose value because of all the inflation that's going
Mar 22, 2013 4:00pm EDT
there for the convenience. going there takes away the sales tax revenue that governments have been relying on for years and years and years. and we as brick and mortar merchants are still required to collect that. so, really, like i said, it comes down to a matter of fairness for the collection. >> but you're going to get more revenue through more sales and in turn, you're going to get more taxation that way, by the money going into the economy. so the reason why people are going on the internet is for the tax reason and the competitive pricing. so all you're going to do here is hamper sales and the best thing going. 6% of the world right now is ecommerce, with the whole tech eco system growing, with smartphones, with tablets, it's going to continue to grow. that money will trickle down into the economy. you're going to kill it this way. >> it doesn't -- >> the truth is, let me push back on you as well, because is it really fair that if i go into a store i'm paying tax and if i do it online, i'm not? >> it's okay, because the local brick and mortar store is getting the tax benefit of that state. so why
Mar 19, 2013 4:00pm EDT
$16.5 billion changing hands with the government and the country's corporations. so what, then, for cyprus? well, bank sources i spoke to said u.s. financial giants didn't do business with cypriot banks or corporations if there's any counterparty trading risk. it would likely be negligible, unless, maria, the ripple effects from what we're seeing over there tend to widen. >> all right, kayla, thanks very much. we'll be watching that, obviously. what's ahead for cyprus right now? we are right now joined by george theocoritus. good to see you. we have, george, the professor of finance at cyprus international institute of management. he'll be joining us shortly, and peter kekyanus is the chairman of the cyprus chamber of commerce. i guess it's interesting that we see this plan unveiled on monday and it really creates a market upset. are you surprised at all that parliament rejected this depositor tax? >> not at all. i mean, when you -- >> it's crazy. >> it's more than that. i think there's something more being done here and said. not necessarily verbally, but if you look at, it st
Mar 21, 2013 4:00pm EDT
, look, it's absolutely critical that whatever plan the cyprus government comes up, that it basically polices the european central bank enough that they do not cut off the vital funding that the banks in cyprus need. if that were to happen, then you would take the crisis in that country up to a new level, and i think that starts to surface again, all the sort of problems that have moved to the back of investor's minds. let's face it, cyprus isn't about cyprus. it's about whether bank runs on cyrus spread to bank runs in italy and spain. if they can contain that crisis, that can stay sort of on the back burner. i think investors need to be aware that one of the reasons the market's rally has been so powerful so far this year is because the world has seemed less risky than id dt did last year. china didn't have a hard landing. as we see some of those risks start to perhaps rise again, that might be cause for a little bit of pullback and a reduction in risk appetite. >> we will leave it there. gentleman, thank you very much. heather, guys, we'll see you soon. appreciate your time tonight
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6